Shared Files

A lot of files. A lot of people.  We get it. It’s a mess.  That’s where we come in.  We’ve worked with some mighty big server spaces with more files than one should count.  We’ll help bring your shared folder some reasonable structure that everyone may agree with, and keep things in a way that someone else ‘can find it’, not just the author.  We have some standard, and some custom solutions that should be just right for your department(s).

Our focus on enhanced-productivity and saving on administrative IT costs will pay future dividends. To get the advantage of faster systems, better-trained staff and improved know-how and strategy, call for a workflow review.

support services list

  • Mac & PC Sharing

    Connect Mac to PCs
    Migrate Files to Mac
    Access Exchange
    Services on Mac
    Add Macs to PC Network
    Add PCs to Mac Network
    Move PC music to Mac
    Bind Macs to Active Directory
    Bind Windows to XServe
    Replace Win Server with XServe
    Macs print to PC Print Server
    PCs print to XServe Print Server

  • Networks WAN LAN Wi-Fi VPN

    Airport Express Support
    Airport Extreem Support
    Broadband – Cable
    Firewall Configuration
    Gigaspeed – 1000BT
    HighSpeed – DSL
    Local Area – LAN
    NAT Setup
    Router Configuration
    Secure Networks
    Vitrual Private Networks – VPN
    Wide Area – WAN
    Wireless Networks for Mac & PC

  • Technology Planning

    AC Load Projections
    Budget & Resource Planning
    Equipment Recommendations
    Masters & Strategies
    Network Design
    Project Billing
    Server Room Design
    Small Business IT Planning
    Systems Cooling
    IT Administration
    Total Cost Models

  • Organizational Solutions

    Digital Asset Management
    File Management Tactics & Tools
    Custom Solutions & Training

  • Server Support

    Active Directory – AD
    Apple File Protocol – AFP
    DHCP – Setup
    DNS – BIND Setup
    Domain Name Setup
    FTP Access
    Hosted – Home Directories
    Kerberos Setup
    Mail – POP – IMAP
    OS X Server Support
    Samba – SMB Access
    Single Signon
    Web Hosting
    WebDav Access
    Xserve Configuration
    Xserve Deployments
    XServe Raid Deployments
    Xserve Win2K AD Integration

  • Security Anti-Virus Firewall

    All Mac Models
    Firewall – Router Setup
    Software Recommendations
    System Hardening

  • Software Customizations


  • Backup Solutions

    Hard Disk Backup
    Increment vs Syncing
    On/Off-Site Backup
    Cloud Backup

  • Operating Systems

    All Apple OS’s
    Mac OS

    Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP, ); DOS