technology suggestions

AC Load Projections – Make sure you have enough electricity for your new systems. Before showed up, one school district didn’t have enough AC (Alternating Current) for the planned computer labs.

Budget & Resource Planning – We’ll review what you’ve got and what you need. Money, equipment, resources and training. We research and document essential planning documents that need to be in-hand before you start.

Equipment Recommendations – Sure you can just buy what you want.We’re amazed how many people choose the wrong items. When you’ve got to live with your decisions for years, give us a call. We’ll make sure you’ve got the tools to get the job done right.

Masters & Strategy Session – Even do-it-yourself administrators want to be sure they’re in the right place with technical choices. You know we do this all time, so you call us to be sure. We provide you the AOK. Call us. Our Masters and Strategy meeting will give you assurance and save you the embarrassment which you can’t afford.

Network Design – From Firewall to workstation. Top to bottom, we provide clear secure network solutions to keep your business connected and zoomin’. Don’t let hackers and infiltration kill your business machines. Schedule a network evaluation today.

Project Billing – Do you need a way to track billable time? We’ve worked with a few systems and we know what’s hot and what’s not. You know, when you call us we’ve got the experience to help you to completion.

Server Room Design – Big, medium and small we’ve done it all. We have the resources to make the design of your server room solid for the long haul. Lots to consider in this room that needs to scale-up for the next wave of technology. What’s that? Better call us and schedule a systems review and ready your boss to the next wave of productivity.

Small Business IT Planning – No, your not too small. In fact your dollars need to go farther than some big corporations. Better get it right the first time, right? Time to call and get a bit of certainty about your next upgrade. People pay us all the time, to straighten out their plan.

System Cooling – Ignore this one and you might wind up buying a new set of servers. Can you image not cooling a room full of hard working toaster ovens? That’s what high power servers can crank out in terms of heat. We determine how much toast needs toasting and give you a clear plan on cooling your systems.

Technology Plans – Someone at the top wants to know how much it costs, what it’s going to do, and when the productivity is suppose to kick-in. That’s where we come in. Call us and we’ll schedule time to review your current situation, discuss what you need to do, by when, and put it all together so the chiefs know what you’re spending their money on.

Total Cost Models – Do you know what it costs to run your systems? Really? There are more factors than you might think. Importantly, you’ve got to let those in charge of the company understand that it’s not just machines and software. There are lots of parts and pieces. Are you prepared to explain it? We are. Get real, with an Apple IT model that costs a fraction of PC systems that produce more appealing results.

support services list

  • Mac & PC Sharing

    Connect Mac to PCs
    Migrate Files to Mac
    Access Exchange
    Services on Mac
    Add Macs to PC Network
    Add PCs to Mac Network
    Move PC music to Mac
    Bind Macs to Active Directory
    Bind Windows to Open Directory
    Macs print to PC Print Server
    PCs print to Network Printers

  • Networks WAN LAN Wi-Fi VPN

    Airport Express Support
    Airport Extreem Support
    Airport Time Capsule Support
    Broadband – Cable
    Firewall Configuration-Setup
    Gigaspeed – 1000BT
    HighSpeed – DSL
    Local Area – LAN
    NAT Configuration-Setup
    Router Configuration
    Secure Networks
    Secure Remote Access
    Virtual Private Networks – VPN
    Virtual LAN – VLAN
    Wide Area – WAN
    Wireless Networks for Mac & PC

  • Technology Planning

    AC Load Projections
    Budget & Resource Planning
    Equipment Recommendations
    IT Administration
    Network Design
    Project Billing
    Server Room Design
    Small Business IT Planning
    Strategic Development
    Systems Cooling
    Total Cost Models
    Wi-Fi Survey & Evaluation

  • Organizational Solutions

    Digital Asset Management
    Executive Training
    File Management Tactics
    Staff Solutions & Training
    Tier I, II, III macOS iOS Training

  • Server Support

    Active Directory – AD
    Apple File Protocol – AFP
    DHCP – Setup
    DNS – BIND Setup
    Domain Name Registration-Setup
    Remote Access
    Hosted – Home Directories
    Kerberos Setup
    Mail – IMAP – SMTP
    macOS Server Support (Legacy)
    Open Directory
    Profile Management
    SMB Access
    Single Signon
    WebDav Access

  • Security Anti-Virus Firewall

    Anti Virus
    All Mac Models
    Firewall – Router Setup
    Software Recommendations
    System Hardening

  • Software Customizations


  • Backup Solutions

    Airport Time Capsule
    Cloud Backup
    Hard Disk Backup
    On & Off-Site (cloud) Backup
    Time Machine

  • Upgrades & Migrations

    All Mac OS’s
    Mac OS X thru macOS
    Windows (10, 8, Vista, XP); DOS

  • User Support & Training (Onsite)

    Personal & Group Tech Training
    Home & Business Syncing & Basics+
    Tier I, Tier II, Tier III
    Staff macOS & iOS Essentials

    Software Support
    (nearly) All Apple Products for Users
    Adobe Acrobat
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe InDesign
    Adobe Photoshop
    Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Powerpoint
    Microsoft Word
    QuickBooks for Mac