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Q: Can you work with our staff in a PC environment?

A:    Yes. We fill the gap. We are friendly. We speak PC, so you can relax, protect your Mac staff and files and get back to work.

Q: I‘m a creative person and tired of being on the hook for tech stuff. – Can you help with, or take over the tech-load so I can get back the creative I’m being paid to create?

A:    Yes. Right-brain, left-brain mix-ups. We un-tie those mental knots and remove the pressure when deadlines come. We straighten out bunches of people, so you can get back to work and your creative can soar again! Just Call.

Q: Our In-house PC Staff won’t support our Macs. Can you help?

A:    Of Course. Believe it or not… some PC IT staffers do not prefer to work on Macs…
No problem. helps.
We have customers in that same situation. We’ve got success stories
to share. Give a us call.

Q: What are your rates?

A:We have rates budgeted for everyone; from home users to large corporations.

Q: Do you have a travel charge like most consultants?

A:    Yes. Round Trip Travel is 50% of our hourly rate, and calculated from offices. We drive throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin most every business day. If you’ve ever filled up your SUV, you’ll understand the cost of getting to your site.

Q: How many people in your organization?

A:    We have a network of experts that can provide just the right services for your need –or– any aspect of your project.

Q: Can you work with our existing computers and systems?

A:    Yes. And we will make recommendations for upgrades when it is an obvious cost-savings.

Q: What kind of guarantee do I have that you can do the job?

A:    Review our guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the service(s) performed, let us know within two business days, and you don’t pay.

Q: Do you do PC configurations as well?

A:    We configure PC’s and can set them up to talk to Mac’s. We can also set up Macs to communicate over PC networks and with all kinds of PC-based systems.
–Or– with Masters & Strategies Sessions™, we can blast your PC organization forward with proven tactics and Mac know-how, so your PC specialists can implement it themselves, and take all the glory?

Q: Do you work with all Mac OS 10.0.x through 10.15.x? iOS, Windows 10 and more?

A:    Yes. (Extensively.)

Q: Will my old printer work with Apple’s new macOS device?

A:    Yes, it may, depending on the printer manufacturer’s support.

Q: Will my new printer work with my old operating systems?

A:    In a few cases, yes. However, most printer manufacturers may not be supporting older operating systems as it is too costly. More and more, the smart businesses realize that new (more capable) printing devices cost a fraction of the staff time (cost) needed, to troubleshoot or jury-rig legacy printer issues and incompatibilities.   Simply put, it may not be worth the money to figure it out, when a software update to an operating system may break the fix that was found.

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