Get the most from your staff by letting them in on the things that make them productive.  Knowledge.  We train the trainers.  This is, we can help all levels of learners, from beginners, to intermediate, to advanced users. We can help bring everyone into an understanding how they may use their technology tools to make the organization more effective.

  • In-Office Courses

    macOS & iOS Essentials

    macOS Server Essentials
    Adding Users, Share Points, Network connections with iOS, Mac, PC

    We train your staff support team – so they may help others

    Help Desk Training  (as we did for

    Training the Trainers – 3 Day Training
    Server Setup – command line – Assigning Profiles to Mac and iOS Devices

    Application Essentials

    Adobe Photoshop Essentials
    Adobe Illustrator Essentials
    Apple Photos
    Apple Keynote
    Apple Pages

  • macOS & iOS Essentials

    On-site Multi-Person Training:
    Three hour – formal course-based Training – complete with Q & A

    $435 per person (signed up in advance)
    $475 walk-ins – (no materials)

    Essential training to navigate iCloud – Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Safari, Photos, Documents & Data, Back to Mac, Find my Mac. Q & A

  • Server Essentials

    On-site Training:
    Two hour – Configuration-Setup of Server (legacy) –
    Formal course-based Training – complete with Q & A

    $675 per person signed up in advance
    $715 walk-ins – (no materials)

    Configuration & Setup of your server with DNS, Open Directory, Secure Services: Calendar, Contacts, File Sharing, Messages, Mail, Profile Manager, Time Machine, VPN

    Includes Setup of Basic macOS Server (legacy)
    Configuration of Basic macOS Services
    Review of Server Essentials & Capabilities
    Includes terminal & essential command line training

  • Subjects

    Category Description:
    Residential location Family only – Non-Business Use

    $155 per hour – One-hour minimum
    Detailed billing in quarter-hour increments

    Up to 5 Macs and PCs – No server
    Paid with Personal Check

  • Schedule a Date

    Secure Training: Contact us to set a date. Send a deposit (50%) along with names of students – including title/job function, with the classes they will be attending.

  • We Prep You

    Upon payment of the deposit. We require ten business days to order and prepare necessary materials for students and book the trainer.

    Traditionally small, mid-size & corporate clients use this valuable service.
    Over three (3) Macs and PCs

  • Training Cancellations

    Due to the specialized nature of on-site training, forfeiture of the deposit amount (50%) is required to ensure availabliity of competent trainers. Materials are still provided to absent students scheduled for class.

  • First Hour Training Travel Time Free

    Training Travel time is calculated from offices. The first hour of round trip training travel is free. All subsequent round trip travel time is billed at the standard rate.

  • Business Hours

    Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central Time

  • After-Hours Response Fees

    After-hours and weekend appointments may be subject to a $250 After-Hours Response Fee per consultant*. Standard charges also apply. pays the After-Hours Response Fees directly to the attending consultant as compensation for their personal time.
    *After-Hours Response Fees are waived for On-Demand Service Subscribers.