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We treat all our clients with equity and fairness.
Fees are lower on smaller networks with fewer devices.
More complex networks typically require a more experienced support agent, and higher rates may apply.

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Buy Ahead-of-Time 30+ hours of consulting in advance, for use 9-5 M-F, (non-holidays), and get 15-20% off the ‘Pay as-you-go’ appointment rates.

  • terms

    We do not mark-up hardware nor software.

    *’billable round-trip travel’ ensures all clients,
    equal footing in scheduling on-site appointments.

    Billing terms: COD unless credit account is established prior to service.

    Payment method: Check,  (or credit card with 5% add’l fee)

    Minimum Onsite time: One hour

    Minimum Offsite time: One quarter-hour (15 minutes)

    Minimum billing unit: Quarter-hour increments for On and Off-site consulting.

    We do charge time to research, locate and present our findings and recommendations.
    Expenses are billed as direct costs to clients.

    In some cases, more complex systems on small networks may increase rates.
    Round trip travel fees offset fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance
    and lost time associated with travel through Upstate and surrounding areas.

    Home rates apply when paid with a personal check and
    business/company systems are not involved.

    Business rates apply when paid with business check.
  • after-hours response fee:

    After-hours and weekend appointments may be subject to a $200 After-Hours Response Fee per consultant*.  Standard hourly charges also apply. pays the After-Hours Response Fees directly to the attending consultant as compensation for their personal time.  After Hours are times outside Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time

    *After-Hours Response Fees are waived for MPT™ Rapid-Response Service Subscribers.


    After-Hours Response Fee:
    After-hours and weekend appointments.


“Replaces at least 4 calls and hours talking to tech advisors”

Solution: Quicken Data Recovery

Type: Home Support

Client Since: 2010
“Dave is only one call for info re: Apple Computer, iPhone,iPad and MobileMe. He replaces at least 4 calls and hours talking to tech advisors who are more confusing than helpful. He is a great teacher”

Selwyn Z. – Attorney (Retired)
Home Owner – Highland Park, IL

23-clock-analog-3D“Saved us time and money over the long term…”

Solution: Advanced Server

Type: Education & Business

Client Since: 2000
“For several years David has applied his expertise to plan and maintain our computer systems. He is quite simply the master of his domain. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he is forward-looking in his approach, which has saved us time and money over the long term. His expertise is surpassed only by his integrity. David is the one person I trust to take care of my secure data and networks.”

David K. – Technology Manager
Private School – Winnetka, IL